To be…in the kitchen


Curator, loudspeaker installation: Knut Remond


Oil, water sugar and Mariechen..the longing is immense.
From the center of the kitchen, from the stove, a sort of kitchen-scape is drawn, where pans clatter and soup simmers.
„Je suis in the kitchen“ is derived from fragments of kitchen songs, which used to be sung by servants in bourgeois homes while doing their work.
In the composition, I have taken this historical category of fok poems, and spiced it with irritating moments and associative ideas in order to break the sentimental tonal basis.
I found the juxtaposition of harmony and disturbing elements to be most interesting. Acoustical and visual materials gets worked over, ordered and concentrated.
„Je suis in the kitchen“ rediscovers the ambivalence between fear and longing, between opinion and feelings.
It is stirred in the soup. An intact world is summoned, which is repeatedly disturbed.