Test tube (Trailer)

2019, 0'54''

Audiovisual installation in the Soundgalerie Ohrenhoch Berlin

It grumbles, jerks and yearns… 
Curator, loudspeaker installations: Knut Remond


The development of systems which can recognize, interpret, process and simulate human emotions goes ahead. This provokes questions: Where is the difference between artificial and real? What happens to indefinable moods?

In „Test Tube“ the measurement of human emotions is the topic.

Sounds and noises from our everyday life, which draw, reform and manipulate subconces emotions, are collected. This audio material is nested, taken apart or condensed in sound balls. Spoken words describe a possible meaning.

Fictive scenarios and undefinable ambiances arise and disappear again. It grumbles, jerks and yearns…

In this interplay/counterplay of fragmented ambiaces, the borders between artificial and real are demanded and varied.


To be…in the kitchen

2016, 1'14''


Curator, loudspeaker installation: Knut Remond


Oil, water sugar and Mariechen..the longing is immense.
From the center of the kitchen, from the stove, a sort of kitchen-scape is drawn, where pans clatter and soup simmers.
„Je suis in the kitchen“ is derived from fragments of kitchen songs, which used to be sung by servants in bourgeois homes while doing their work.
In the composition, I have taken this historical category of fok poems, and spiced it with irritating moments and associative ideas in order to break the sentimental tonal basis.
I found the juxtaposition of harmony and disturbing elements to be most interesting. Acoustical and visual materials gets worked over, ordered and concentrated.
„Je suis in the kitchen“ rediscovers the ambivalence between fear and longing, between opinion and feelings.
It is stirred in the soup. An intact world is summoned, which is repeatedly disturbed.


1800 meters above sea level (extract)

2014, 7'01''

1800 meters above sea level (extract)

12-channel installation for the Project USAP (Urban Solar Audio Plant) from Peter Eisold and Micha Dawid.
The acoustic material of this sound, which originates from the foothills of the alps, is of a narrative sort, telling of nature, of myths and spirits. In a 12-channel installation, the acoustic tracks of the experiential world „foothills region“ are staged in variously dense, sometimes static, sometimes in more dynamic acoustic images. 


Suite on domestic life

2006, 9'14''

This temporary Sound-Installation was designed for the furniture department of the Shopping Center Risparmione in Suno (Italy).
The loudspeakers were mounted in hidden places, for example under the bed, in the kitchen complex, in between sofas, in the clothes closet… The suite consists of 17 movements, whose density spectrum ranges from very dense to empty (silence). The order in which the movements were played was determined by random. The sound material consists of sounds of domestic life: real or distorted, social or intimate. During quiet movements, one’s attention is drawn to the actual acoustical environment of the Centro Risparmione. The basic idea is to provoke a subtle irritation, a sort of capped reality which intensifies and expands the physical space and the acoustical experience within that space.


Piece of music

1998, 3'45''

Sound installation in the Café Philosoph, Basel

Kurator: Christoph Keller